This is our first installment of A Tasteful Tabloid….  Insights into all the favorites, recipes, background, tips, tricks and tantalizing secrets from our owner and friend, Sharon Carroll.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, dust off the cobwebs, and learn how these fantastic products came to our state of Pennsylvania, our city of Pittsburgh, and to the town of Oakmont…

Oakmont Olive Oil sells the best Greek Olive Oil in the world, and this small business aims to entice customers with other family-business products that make cooking fun, healthy, and delicious!

Oakmont Olive Oil is a family owned business situated in Oakmont on the main strip of Allegheny River Blvd. But, how did it get there? And how did they find this Award-Winning Greek Olive Oil? And who are these “Greeks” we hear so much about? (more about that in subsequent postings!)

The owner of Oakmont Olive Oil, Sharon Carroll, is a Penn Hills Native with a taste for adventure and travel. She went on a cooking trip to Italy almost ten years ago with a good friend where they learned about the benefits of olive oil, how to cook with it, and the importance of a high quality brand. Sharon was hooked. She came back to the states with a newfound passion for olive oil, loved trying new brands, and passionately felt only the best would do!

This same friend opened a store in Maryland at the time and had found a fantastic olive oil to fill her shelves. At the same time, the “Greeks” as we call them, Dino and Diamantis, were knocking on doors in an effort to spread the word about their product. They found this to be a successful strategy for them as the taste of their olive oil and the undeniable quality sold the product for them. The Greeks run their family business in Peloponnese Region, on the Southern Shores of Greece. This olive vineyard has been in their family for four generations. FOUR GENERATIONS. America, meet Europe…

Sharon traveled to Maryland to taste this olive oil that came so highly recommended…and never bought a single drop of another olive oil ever again. For SEVEN YEARS, she traveled to her friend’s store to buy the Laconiko Olive Oil until one day, she said, “I’m going to do this for myself.” With the help of her husband Dave, they started small; visiting farmer’s markets and setting up in a small vendor shop called Revival & Rust. It took passion and drive to start a business this way, but they loved this product so much they persevered. About one year later, a storefront on the main street of Oakmont opened up, and they saw the opportunity to establish Oakmont Olive Oil in their own space.

Their first year began with only a few products…simply Olive Oil from “the Greeks” and balsamic vinegars from Modena, Italy. The vision of Oakmont Olive Oil Company didn’t expand into other products until a little bit later. Sharon’s vision to help support other family run businesses included providing the best and highest quality products to her customers. Continual rotation of new flavors and products, coupled with consistent staples you love to come back for means that shopping for your favorites is always exciting!

And there you have it… the back story of Oakmont Olive Oil Company. We hope you’ll come to Oakmont and say hello to us. But, if that’s too far, we ship to all 48 contiguous states.

This tasteful tabloid highlights the owner of Oakmont Olive Oil Company, Sharon Carroll. She is a master of cooking, tasting, and creating with Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, and her beloved partner products. Oakmont Olive Oil Company is not only a staple in the community for great products (and great gift ideas), but is a community of delicious, generous, and creative people!


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