On April 6, 2019 Oakmont Olive Oil Company welcomed Diamantis Pierrakos from Laconiko to our store in Oakmont!  Diamantis shared his knowledge of Olive Oil and how this amazing product is made, sold, and created.

We learned a lot…but some of the most interesting information from Diamantis was…

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the most adulterated product in the world and there is currently no governing body to regulate it.
  • Choosing a good Olive Oil is about varietal, harvest date, fruit quality.
    • The harvest date tells you when the oil was made, not when it was put on the shelf.  Oils are given a 2 year shelf-life from the date of bottling…not from the date of harvest.  Choosing an oil based on expiry date could mean your oil is already old.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil degrades over time and should be kept in a dark, cool place to ensure it doesn’t break down and go bad.
  • Laconiko is an early harvest oil, which is what offers it’s signature taste and aroma.
  • All infused oils are made with Koroneiki Olive Oil combined with oils from the flavor of choice (such as blood orange, truffle, etc.)  The oils are combined after the olives are pressed as the flavoring oils combine best with high quality oils.
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