In our cooking category of the blogs, we will focus on different elements of cooking with Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar. We will explore what makes it fun. The variety of ways to use it. Where it all started and we’ll focus on something a little different every

Why do you choose to cook with infused olive oils and balsamic vinegars?

“It just adds so much flavor to your food! You can start with a basic ingredient and it will

Enhance the taste without adding anything else to it!”

Let’s break down what infused olive oil actually is:
According to “Flavored olive oils that are “infused” are made using a two step process. The first step is producing the olive oil and the fruit/herb oil that will be
added to it. The second is mixing those two oils to produce the desired flavor.”
Although there is serious debate about whether fused or infused olive oils are better for you, Laconiko chooses to infuse their oils because it is already one of the healthiest oils in the world and infusing it just adds another level of flavor, while maintaining all the health benefits. You still get all of the heart health and anti-inflammatory benefits due to its extremely high polyphenol count.

There is so much competition and misguidance out there, it’s best to know what you’re putting into your body. Just because oil in a bottle looks pretty, doesn’t mean it’s good for you! Know your product and know why it’s healthy.

What is your favorite infused olive oil to cook with?
“Rosemary by far is my go-to. I became obsessed with it the first time I tried the Greeks’ Oils and haven’t been able to get away from it ever since.”

What is your most unique way of cooking with infused olive oil?
“My new way of using infused oils is to add them to scrambled eggs and frittatas. It adds a surprising flavor to each meal because I mix the eggs with the oil. I also have started to infuse my rice. I add the oils and flavored sea salts to make the most incredible combinations that infuses right into the rice cooking process.”
Even Sharon’s family is into experimenting and cooking with the variety of olive oils and vinegars available at Oakmont Olive Oil Company! These are great gift ideas and for every cooking enthusiast on your list.

RECIPE COURTESY OF SEAN & MIA (Sharon’s son and daughter-in-law)
Level: EASY
Time: 15 minutes
Chickpea Salad
Koroneiki Oakmont Olive Oil (<- try experimenting with flavors!)
Red Wine Vinegar
Salt Sisters 4-Pepper Peppercorn Blend
Organic Himalayan Sea Salt
Cherry tomatoes
Red Onion

Mix ingredients together based on your tastes and preferences. This is a very adaptable basic recipe to throw together when someone asks you to make a side dish. It is full of Mediterranean flair, yet leaves everyone saying Bravo!

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