Traditionally, we use olive oils for cooking, baking, dipping fine breads, grilling vegetables, and marinating meats. Some have even gone as far as pouring sweeter balsamic vinegars on ice-cream and Greek yogurt for a twist on traditional treats. But, have you ever thought of adding a little extra flavor to your favorite cocktail?

Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Cocktails are a trend on the rise. With new inspiration and flavor combinations every day, olive oil cocktails are sure to wow your guests and offer a healthy alternative to other cocktail ingredients.

The aroma alone is reason enough to try adding a few drops of Bourbon Balsamic Vinegar to your Manhattan or Habanero EVOO to your favorite Bloody Mary recipe. The extra fragrant punch will leave you wanting to savor every sip.

Another idea is to use fruit infused olive oils as an adhesive for rimming glasses with sugar and salt. The bonding agents will leave your glass with a perfectly covered rim. With this trick, you can make drinks look like a professional bar tender made them at home.

Martinis are another great drink into which you can incorporate olive oils. All flavors and infusions of oils can give clean and dry martinis extra support to their traditional flavor. Just a few drops can make martinis savory and unique. Our Green Apple Balsamic Vinegar adds a burst of flavor to Appletinis! Use an eye dropper to strategically place oil droplets to create designs that sit above the alcohol and enhance the appearance of your favorite dinner party drinks.

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